EMF Electrical
Design, Evaluation and Hands On Mitigation


“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.”   Franz Kafka


My Quiet Home is a leader in the field of EMF, designing EMF hazard free environments, conducting science based evaluations and as licensed EMF Electricians performing immediate hands on mitigation.

A cost effective and invaluable benefit for our clients.

MQH is health conscious electrical emphasizing knowledge, pride in workmanship, solution innovation and customer satisfaction.
As EMF Specialists and Electricians we produce effective and sustainable mitigation protocols and techniques that find dangerous EMF in your home then we fix these health hazards at their source.  Our experience, use of proper scientific equipment, analysis techniques and the required professional Electrical Contractors License creates a safe, calm, comfortable EMF quiet home and office space for you, your family and your pets well being.

MQH projects include rebuilds, renovations and new construction.