EMF Electrical
Design, Evaluation, and Hands-On Mitigation

A licensed electrician by trade, whilst my Focus is your homes Health

Clean Electricity is Good for Your IQ

We have altered our electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of our environment. Include EMF evaluation and mitigation as part of your proactive family preventive and healing health care plan.

We shield our ID but not our IQ. What does that equal?

What Affects Are There?

EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure starts a biomechanical change inside and around our cells causing a disruptive effect on organs, neurological system, immune system, cellular repair system, cardiovascular, and brain function. Global Scientists, Health Practitioners, and Government Agencies conclude that high levels of EMF affect us on a cellular level.

Clean Electricity Improves Overall Well Being

My Quiet Home evaluates your environment and will greatly reduce or eliminate EMF hazards in your home and office. EMF Specialist and EMF Electrician William Holland is proficient at finding and fixing harmful levels of EMF at their source. A cost effective and invaluable benefit for our clients.

"A Change in Electrical Charge at any Biological Level Triggers Change Throughout an Organism."

– Dr. Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon

EMF affects us on a biological level

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