EMF Electrical
Design, Evaluation and Hands On Mitigation


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As you have come to MQH for solutions and information, here are several links to sources and resources whom we collaborate with and that may assist you further in reaching your EMF Quiet Home goals.


This reference chart shows power density levels suggested for an optimum healthy environment. Building Biology is a field of building science investigating our indoor living and working environments and how these environments affect our health producing a restful or stressful experience.

Building Biologists on the West Coast work with MQH to develop EMF mitigation protocol and hire William Holland to perform the hands on mitigation work.

Contact MQH if you have any questions,  818-292-1271  or



EXPOSED , by Bill Cadwallader,  gives you the accurate scientific information you need to separate the truth from the electronics industry’s fake news and rampant mis-information about the supposed safety of wireless technology and what is increasingly being called “dirty electricity.”

Buy this book on Amazon


People worldwide are affected by exposure to electromagnetic radiation. At Safe Living Technologies we want our customers to make informed decisions for their living and working environments.


iamlivingharmony is a 501c3 non profit helping you reach your goals for an EMF Healthy Home,
Cell Phone & Lifestyle.

Co-founded by EMF Specialist and Electrician William Holland, iamlivingharmony is committed to helping First Responders, our Veterans and those mentally and physically disabled live in EMF minimal home environments that promote health and well being for mind, body and soul.


WATE intends to expose the suppressed epidemic of sickness, suffering and human rights crisis created by wireless technology radiation; elevate the voice of those injured; defend and secure their rights and compel society and governments to take corrective actions and inform the public of the harm.


EMF Services LLC provides electromagnetic field testing and remediation to clients worldwide from locations in Florida and California, specializing in electromagnetic interference (EMI) investigations and assessment of human exposure to non-ionizing radiation.


Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist Healthy New Building and Remodeling Consultant.


The EMF Kill Switch is a remote cut-off device for selectively turning off the electric circuits in your home that surround your sleeping areas. This EMF Kill Switch interfaces with your homes electrical panel.

This is a key part in creating a Sleep Sanctuary and mitigating your modern exposure to non-native EMF. Sleep is the foundation of good health.




YouTube Video about Wireless Technology and the health dangers.

Sometimes what you don’t know CAN HURT YOU. Ignorance around this subject is almost guaranteed to do so.


SineTamer/PowerEmt is committed to eliminating the effects of “Dirty Power”.

Electricity powers our homes and businesses. We rely on it for pretty much everything that we do. Cooking, lighting, entertainment, work, exercise, reading, communication, the list goes on and on. We are accustomed to having safe, healthy, instant and usable clean electricity. We should never have to question the state of electricity/ power. We should never have “Dirty Power“, or the problems that are associated with the terms “Dirty Power” or “Dirty Electricity”.