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Pasadena CA.

Fire Captain tells a compelling story about when his healthy strong 19 year old Son jumps down from a tree stump just 2' high and crumbles to the ground in agony.  Son's hip bone and upper portion of femur had disintegrated because of an undetected GCT.  What caused this Giant Cell Tumor?

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Amist the lush green hills of Wisconsin William Holland was invited to speak at an EMF and Building Biology Conference to discuss mitigation from an EMF Consultant and EMF Electrician experiences.
Who knew that Road America was right next door!


California Fires

The devastating fires in Southern and Northern California have left many without a home. Our thoughts are with you during this healing and rebuilding process.

Rebuild your home minimizing EMF exposure for the health and well being of you and your family. An EMF Quiet Home increases the value of your home and property. Contact My Quiet Home to discuss the possibilities available to you and your Contractor.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe home gets a Kill Switch to minimize the high levels of Electric Fields during the night time hours, maximizing sleep quality and quantity for better health.

Turning off your WiFi at night allows you to fall into deep REM sleep when our bodies rejuvenate and our cellular repair system can do its job properly.

Hunt for Magnetic Field

This EMF evaluation exposed a high Magnetic Field in the clients home, the source of this problem remained elusive for some time. Knowing that sometimes EMF in the home is originally generated by an outside source, we finally located a pool light with faulty wiring sending a high magnetic field back into the home.
To say to a client, "I'm sorry we can't find the problem.", is not an option.

Neutral to ground connections in a subpanel.

As EMF Consultants we must address more than just RF (radio frequency).
Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields and Dirty Electricity are present and causing biological disturbance and health risks.