William Holland
EMF Specialist and Electrician


"Those who believe they can do something and those who believe they can't are both right."   Henry Ford


EMF Consoultant and Electrical Contractor William Holland
EMF Consultant and Electrical Contractor William Holland

My Quiet Home Founder William Holland has been an Electrical Contractor for over 26 years and specializes in EMF Electrical, Design, Evaluation and Mitigation. William collaborates with other leaders in the EMF Field creating mitigation protocol and standards for optimum health.

William is driven by his passion for attention to detail and client satisfaction. He has earned a reputation for his commitment to the project and for his knowledge and experience as a seasoned EMF Consultant and Electrician to find and fix EMF hazards at their source.

A lover of Nature William knows the calm comfort of Earth's natural EMF which resonates in harmony with our body's own electromagnetic fields. It is the abundance of man-made EMF that has profoundly altered our living in harmony.

William is Co-Founder of the non profit Living Harmony ( iamlivingharmony.com )
providing community education on how EMF affects us on a biological level and is committed to helping First Responders, who work in dangerous levels of radiation, our Veterans and those mentally and physically disabled live in EMF minimal home environments that promote health and well being for mind, body and soul.

Education begins with a question. Contact William with your questions or concerns.